Welcome to Jacobs’ Family Orchard

Wayne, Samantha, Stephanie and William Jacobs are the proud owners of the orchard. We purchased the orchard in 2002 as a way to diversify our farm. This orchard was originally started by Wat Ice upon his return from World War I. Former names of the orchard include Anderson Orchard, Bowers Orchard and Summit View Orchard. When Wayne was a child, he’d come out and help his father, John Jacobs pick apples here.

Both Wayne’s and Samantha’s families have been involved in agriculture for four generations. Along with the orchard, we sell grain farm products, such as corn, soybeans and wheat. In addition, we also grow wheat, hay and feed cattle.

The orchard has 35 acres of trees, growing 30 varieties of apples. We grow all of the pumpkins we sell, which take up about 20 acres. Seven to eight acres are taken up by our sweet corn crop and 4 acres are dedicated to other produce.

Family Orchard

We’re a working farm and gladly invite you to visit and enjoy the fresh produce that WE GROW ON OUR FARM. That’s capitalized because we feel very strongly about growing what we sell. Mother Nature doesn’t always let us do that, but that’s the way it goes with farming.

Pest Management

We use IPM (integrated pest management) to help us decide whether to spray. We have a weather station to help with fungus control and attend various meetings throughout the year to keep up to date. We have a state of the art sprayer that senses trees, so that only the trees are sprayed, cutting down on waste and over-spraying.

Cinnamon Donuts

We’re known for our delicious, mouth-watering apple cinnamon donuts. We make them fresh every day, all day long. In 2014, we felt obligated to add another donut-making machine to keep up with our customer’s demand. We also make all the cider that we sell from our own apples. It’s not pasteurized, but we do add a preservative. Every batch we make has a unique taste because we only use the varieties that are in season.

Fall Activities

We have fall activities for your family, friends and you to enjoy, featuring wagon rides, a farm themed play area, a sunflower trail, and goats to feed.

We hope you can come out to the country, enjoy our produce, have fun with your family and leave with great memories.



At Jacobs’ Family Orchard, we start selling our fresh produce by early May. We take these early crops to the Farmer’s Markets in Muncie and New Castle. Around this time, we have radishes and lettuce. In late May and June, we have radishes, lettuce, turnips, beets, kale, strawberries, sugar snap peas and kohlrabi. We also have two hoop houses where we grow early tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and other items.

We start to have sweet corn around July 1st, if the weather lets us plant early enough. When we start harvesting sweet corn, we open up the orchard and start selling produce. By July we also start producing tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cabbage, green beans, cucumbers, summer squash, eggplant and broccoli available.

Mid-August is around the time we start selling our apples, donuts and other goodies, depending on when the apples begin to ripen. We have fresh cider available as soon as we have enough apples picked to make some, usually a few days after we open. The entertainment part of the orchard will hopefully be ready around Labor Day. After that, our hours are from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. We don’t charge any admission to Jacobs' Family Orchard.

We also sell a wide variety of Dillman Farms products, local honey, sorghum, Tennessee Chow-Chow, mulling spices, peaches from Carolinas during August and September, baking mixes and Amish Country popcorn.

Depending on the weather, we should have pumpkins, winter squash and fall items ready by September 10th.

We do offer school tours in the fall. Please call us for more information. Call early, because our school tours are popular and fill up fast.


  • Lodi
  • Pristine
  • Zestar
  • Redfree
  • Williams Pride
  • Gala
  • Molly Delicious
  • Summer Rambo
  • McIntosh
  • Honey Crisp
  • Crimson Crisp

  • Cortland
  • Jonathan
  • Black Jonathan
  • Red Delicious
  • Galarina
  • Golden Delicious
  • EverCrisp
  • Grimes Golden
  • Crimson Topaz
  • Jonagold
  • Ida red

  • Stayman Winesap
  • Mutsu
  • Scarlet Beauty
  • Fuji
  • Granny Smith
  • Braeburn
  • Enterprise
  • Suncrisp
  • Goldrush



Everything we sell is grown locally on Jacob's Family Orchard

  • Sweet Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Pumpkins
  • Summer Squash
  • Broccoli


    • Beets
    • Radishes
    • Cucumbers
    • Cabbage
    • Turnips


    • Peppers
    • Eggplant
    • Onions
    • Zucchini
    • Potatoes



    Donuts are one of the most popular products sold at Jacobs' Family Orchard. In fact, the demand has been so high that we’ve had to buy a second donut-making machine to keep up. Our apple cinnamon donuts are always a favorite, and rightfully so.

    We do try to have samples of our donuts for you to try, however, if it’s very busy, that might not be possible. We have to make the majority of our donuts available for purchase and not keep customers waiting.

    Our idea to sell donuts has been so successful that other orchards and farms have taken notice and followed suit as well.


    As if healthy, fresh produce wasn’t enough, Jacobs' Family Orchard is also pleased to offer visitors plenty of fun activities and tours of our orchard. Both children and adults will enjoy their visit, especially from August through October, when the orchard offers visitors hayrides, a farm themed play area, a sunflower trail, and kids can pick their very own pumpkin from our huge selection.